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Uso do sensoriamento remoto otico para a compreenção da dinâmica dos manguezais no contexto amazônico

Thevand A., Gond V.. 2005. In : INPE. Anais XII Simposio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto, Goiãnia, Brasil, 16-21 abril 2005. s.l. : s.n., p. 3387-3394. Simposio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto. 12, 2005-04-16/2005-04-21, Goiãnia (Brésil).

The mangroves represent an important source of goods and services for many communites living on the intertropical coastal regions. The study of such an ecosystem is thus essential. But this vegetation grows in hard conditions with periodical tidal inundations. Moreover, from the Amapá to the Venezuela, the littoral suffers the "amazonian muds' dispersion system" which leads to rapid and dramatic changes of the coast. So, monitoring the amazonian mangrove requires frequent datas. The remote sensing becomes then essential to save human and material resources. It is presented here some applications of the remote sensing to the study of amazonian mangroves. Temporal analysis allows the reconstitution of the coastal history and the understanding of its evolution. It is also used to realize an original datation of the mangroves. Correlations between population's parameters as LAI and sprectral properties of SPOT images are made in order to couple a model of reflectance with a model of development. A filter for the detection of the regeneration zones in the gap is also presented.

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