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Gestion de la biodiversité et des ressources renouvelables en Amazonie Spatialisation et approche paysagère du Projet BIODAM

Girres J.F., Faure J.F., Laques A.E., Gurgel H., Gond V.. 2007. In : INPE. Anais XIII Simposio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto, Florianopolis Brasil, 21-26 abril 2007. s.l. : s.n., p. 6755-6758. Simposio Brasileiro de Sensoriamento Remoto. 13, 2007-04-21/2007-04-26, Florianopolis (Brésil).

Amazonia, main biodiversity reservoir on Earth, is at the heart of scientific and social debates focusing on sustainable management of natural resources. Brazilian and French teams working on this project selected several study sites in the Amazon Basin in function of spatial and temporal scales conditioning access to natural resources and biodiversity. The first objective is to document practices and impacts of rural settlers and of traditional agriculture on local biodiversity. In a second time, the projects aims at assessing the role of public policies in biodiversity evolution. This project benefits from great pluridisciplinary within its research teams and its institutional partnership. Remote sensing and spatial analysis integrate both botanical and socio-economic data sets in order to deliver cartographic documents showing trends in biodiversity evolution and in public policy impacts on biodiversity.

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