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Vegetable market flows and chains in Phnom Penh

Chhean Sokhen, Diep Kanika, Moustier P.. 2004. Montpellier : CIRAD, 50 p..

The main objectives of the research are: (i) to understand the organisation of the market in terms of geography of flows and stakeholders¿ functions; (ii) to appraise market performance in terms of import competition and supply variations (iii) to set the basis of an information system on origins and quantities. To reach these objectives, some review of the available data was conducted. Then rapid market surveys were implemented to investigate market flows and chains. The surveys were conducted on around one out of five traders in the three largest markets selling vegetables: Oresey (retail market), Dumkor and Chaba Ampou (wholesale and retail markets). Questions mostly related to origin of supply, function of intermediaries, calendar of supply, quantities sold. Eight commodities were selected according to their importance in consumption and in peri-urban agriculture: tomato, cabbage, choysum, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, long green bean, water convolvulus (kangkong). The surveys were conducted three times in 2002: April, July and October; and four times in 2003: January, April, July and October. Compared to previous surveys carried out in the market (including FAO and Agrisud), the survey aimed at quantifying origins and flows of vegetables available in the market, although difficulties in getting data on quantities are manifold (especially the fact that a lot of wholesale transactions take place in the night and traders are reluctant to answer).

Mots-clés : Étude de marché; analyse de système; enquête; légume; concurrence économique; importation; distribution géographique; donnée de production; zone périurbaine; zone urbaine; cambodge; approvisionnement; filière

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