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Experimenting with the design of policies on sustainable resource management : A proposal for Cirad's involvement in a transversal socio-economics component of DMP in West Africa

Leclerc G.. 2004. Montpellier : CIRAD, 19 p..

In our proposal, public policy is approached as a social mediation process, where actors and sectors confront their representations, objectives, and constraints. We offer to set-up and test a platform for demonstration and capacity building with policy makers and representatives of local organizations, to help endogenize resource quality and availability in development policy design. The project contributes to build multi-institutional capacity for policy design related to Natural Resources Management (NRM). It integrates lessons learnt from local experiences, modeling and upscaling. It envisions a 5 years horizon but the strategy and work plan will be reevaluated after 2 years. In this proposal, we focus on the first 3 years.

Mots-clés : projet de recherche; politique de développement; gestion des ressources naturelles; dégradation des terres; désertification; modélisation environnementale; environnement socioéconomique; afrique; sahel

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