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Experimenting with the design of policies on sustainable resource management : Progress report, June 4, 2004

Leclerc G.. 2004. Montpellier : CIRAD, 18 p..

The overall objective of the DMP is to arrest land degradation in Africa's desert margins through demonstration and capacity building activities. The GEF increment to this project will enable the programme to address issues of global environmental importance, in addition to the issues of national economic and environmental importance, and in particular the loss of biological diversity, reduced sequestration of carbon, and increased soil erosion and sedimentation. Key sites harbouring globally significant ecosystems and threatened biodiversity have been selected in each of the nine countries to serve as field laboratories for demonstrations activities related to monitoring and assessment of biodiversity status, testing of most promising natural resource management options, developing sustainable alternative livelihoods and policy guidelines and replicating successful models. The project will make a significant contribution in reducing land degradation in the marginal areas and help conserve biodiversity. Guidelines, recommendations and supportive national policies that address biodiversity concerns are envisaged to be in place in the implementing countries.

Mots-clés : projet de recherche; Évaluation de projet; dégradation des terres; désertification; politique de développement; développement durable; gestion des ressources naturelles; sahel; afrique

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