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Sécurité alimentaire et mondialisation ?

Griffon M.. 2008. OCL. Oléagineux Corps gras Lipides, 15 (2) : p. 99-102.

The world food problem becomes more and more a problem of: - Economic and social equity on a global scale.- Environmental policy because the future of the biosphere through the future land is at stake\; - Trade policy: it is hard to imagine that structural adjustment policies adverse to agriculture and trade regime of WTO can persist in this context, including the acceptance of an environmental dumping and social dumping on the part of Agriculture Latin American issues that will come on the agenda of WTO negotiations. - Agricultural policy because it is not clear how great productive effort that is necessary may be possible without an accompanying agricultural policy. - Technological invention because it must combine productivity and ecology.- Education on the one hand to get a large portion of farmers in this poor world to new technologies, and secondly to ensure there is anywhere in the world a true education to food. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : démographie; accroissement de production; politique agricole; produit alimentaire; offre et demande; sécurité alimentaire; monde

Thématique : Économie et politique agricoles

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