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Economic importance, epidemiology and management of Pratylenchus sp. in coffee plantations

Villain L.. 2008. In : Souza Ricardo M. (ed.). Plant-parasitic nematodes of coffee. Berlin : Springer [Allemagne], p. 65-84.

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4020-8720-2_5

As coffee-parasites, root-lesion nematodes (RLNs), Pratylenchus spp., have been underestimated in terms of their importance to coffee production. In-deed, their migratory behavior and the symptoms they induce - non-specific root necrosis - have not caught the attention of nematologists, extensionists and growers until recently. Nowadays, RLNs are being recognized as damaging to arabica and robusta coffees in Guatemala, El Salvador, Indonesia and Vietnam, among others. This awareness has arisen from studies conducted on several aspects, such as population fluctuation, epidemiology, assessment of damage threshold and management through chemical, biological, cultural and genetic approaches. This chapter focuses on discussing in detail all these aspects.

Mots-clés : pratylenchus; coffea; plantations; Épidémiologie; lutte chimique; lutte biologique; résistance aux organismes nuisibles; diagnostic; intensification; pratique culturale; valeur économique

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