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Search for the insect vectors of Lethal Yellowing (LY), a phytoplasma disease in Mexico

Julia J.F., Sanchez-Soto S., Navarez M., Oropeza C., Oritz C.F., Castillo R., Dollet M.. 2008. Phytopathology, 98 (6S) : p. S199-S199. Joint meeting of the APS Caribbean Division and the Mexican Phytopathological Society and the Latinoamerican Phytopathological Association, 2007-05-20/2007-05-24, Cancun (Mexique).

The aim was to identify the insect vectors of LY in Tabasco. First of all, an inventory was made of Homoptera, then transmission trials were conducted. In addition to the Cixiidae Myndus crudus, the vector of LY in Florida, and M. skarphion, a neighboring species, all Homoptera (mostly Derbidae) were collected in coconut plantations with LY and released by species or groups of species into cages containing 5 coconut seedlings at least one year old, taken from a plantation free of LY for several years. The experimental design comprised 6 cages, including a control without insects. Releases began on 05/10/2006. By 28/02/2007 more than 21,000 insects had been released. According to the results obtained by F.W. Howard in Florida, symptoms could be seen from August 2007 onwards, or LY symptoms could be detected earlier by PCR. In addition, tests were carried out on plantlets germinated in vitro and maintained in a closed system into which M. crudus individuals were released. A group of control plantlets was not exposed to the insects. On those in vitro plantlets, phytoplasma acquisition was determined by PCR after exposure to the insects (Texte intégral)

Mots-clés : vecteur de maladie; cocos nucifera; maladie bactérienne; phytoplasme; mexique; jaunissement mortel

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