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Plant resources of tropical Africa. Prota 7(1) : Timbers

Louppe D. (ed.), Oteng-Amoako A.A. (ed.), Brink M. (ed.). 2008. Wageningen : PROTA, 704 p..

PROTA 7 deals with the timber trees of Tropical Africa. PROTA's database, SPECIESLIST presents 1751 species used as such. 907 among them are primary use timbers, qualifying for treatment in PROTA 7, which is subdivided into 2 volumes. PROTA 7(1) describes 511 species belonging to a selection of 25 botanical families. They are described in 280 review articles, implying that 231 species are briefly mentioned and described in the articles of more important related species; they have no separate article due to lack of information

Mots-clés : bois tropical; utilisation; distribution géographique; identification; ressource forestière; bois; afrique tropicale; bois d'oeuvre

Thématique : Production forestière; Taxonomie végétale et phytogéographie

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