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Calibration, measurements stability and replacement of standard cottons for an FMT3

Gawrysiak G., Lassus S., Gourlot J.P., Gozé E.. 2008. In : World Cotton Research Conference 4 : Lubbock, United-States, September 10-14, 2007. Madison : Omnipress. World Cotton Research Conference. 4, 2007-09-10/2007-09-14, Lubbock (Etats-Unis).

Daily calibration of the FMT3 machine is required to compensate the effects of sample preparation by different technicians and the ageing of the apparatus. As this calibration involves the use of a limited stock of standard reference cotton, the problem of replacing the standards arises when the latter are exhausted. The standards are described by two values called PL and PH. This study covers the stability of measurements in time, the incidence of two types of calibration, the validity of the corrections made by calibration and the evaluation of the PL and PH values of new standards by several technicians. The USDA ICCS standards used are very homogeneous and supplied in 225-g rolls. The differences between technicians and the heterogeneity of the rolls are taken into account using a randomized experimental design and a linear model. It is simple to use and requires little material and technician time. A daily calibration by regression ensures a greater stability of FMT3 measurements and compensates any technician effect.

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