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Variabilidad del plátano en el proceso de cocción : Estudio de textura

Alvarez C., Lopez X., Fernandez A., Diaz A., Gibert O., Dufour D.. 2008. In : by J.S. Borja ; C. Nogales ; C. Orrantia ; R. Paladines ; V. Quimi and L. Tazan (eds.). Memories of XVIII ACORBAT meeting, 10-14 November 2008, Guayaquil, Ecador. s.l. : s.n., 8 p.. International Meeting ACORBAT 2008. 18, 2008-11-10/2008-11-14, Guayaquil (Equateur).

Unripe green bananas from 15 Musa sp. Varieties cultivated in Colombia were subjected to cooking using boiling water. A protocol was established to study the modification of the texture of the fruits during the cooking process. The texture was estimated from the measurement of the firmness, as the required work for axial pulp penetration using a conic device. During the first 30 minutes of cooking, all the pulps of the varieties showed some rapid loss of firmness. A wide variability of the firmness among the varieties was observed for both raw and cooked fruits. The factor of reduction of the firmness was shown being relevant for the identification of suitable varieties of the plantains for water boiling (Dominico, Dominico Hartón and Maqueño).

Mots-clés : musa; colombie

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