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The low-virulent African swine fever virus (ASFV/NH/P68) induces enhanced expression and production of relevant regulatory cytokines (IFNa, TNFa and IL12p40) on porcine macrophages in comparison to the highly virulent ASFV/L60

Gil S., Sepulveda N., Albina E., Leitão A., Martins C.. 2008. Archives of Virology, 153 (10) : p. 1845-1854.

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-008-0196-5

The impact of infection by the low-virulent ASFV/NH/P68 (NHV) and the highly virulent ASFV/L60 (L60) isolates on porcine macrophages was assessed through the quantification of IFNa, TNFa, IL12p40, TGFb and ASFV genes by real-time PCR at 2, 4 and 6 h postinfection. Increased IFNa, TNFa and IL12p40 expression was found in infection with NHV, in which expression of TGFb was lower than in infection with L60. Principal component analysis showed a positive interaction of cytokines involved in cellular immune mechanisms, namely IFNa and IL12p40 in the NHV infection. Quantification by ELISA confirmed higher production of IFNa, TNFa and IL12p40 in the NHV-infected macrophages. Overall, our studies reinforce and clarify the effect of the NHV infection by targeting cellular and cellular-based immune responses relevant for pig survival against ASFV infection.

Mots-clés : virus peste porcine africaine; peste porcine africaine; cytokinine; infection; pouvoir pathogène; macrophage

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