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Laboratory visit in the framework of the FSP "GRIPAVI" granted by the french ministry of foreign affairs : mission in Hanoi, Vietnam, july 3-6 2008

Albina E.. 2008. Montpellier : CIRAD-BIOS, 12 p..

In the framework of the FSP GRIPAVI "Ecologie et épidémiologie de la grippe aviaire dans les pays du Sud", a visit to the National Institute of Veterinary Research in Hanoi, Vietnam was carried out with the aim to assess the laboratory organisation, traceability and competence in the field of avian influenza virus (AN) molecular diagnosis. The assessment was conducted through interviews of the head of the virology section and scientists involved in AN detection and characterisation. The protocols in use were checked and fruitful discussions on result interpretation were carried out. The general impression of the "auditor" was that the virology team appears to be well trained on the current diagnostic procedures for MV and perfectly aware of the drawbacks of the procedures. Traceability within the laboratory appeared satisfactory. Few weak-points related to the primer sets used and the result interpretation were noticed and will be reported here. However, they can be solved easily and rapidly. A set of calibrated and inactivated AIV strains were brought to NIVR for an interlaboratory proficiency test. The samples were analysed during the week after the visit and therefore were inferred later on. The results demonstrate good performances in terms of analytical sensitivity, higher than the minimum required. All together, this review demonstrated that NNR is competent for the diagnosis of AN and can therefore be one of the good quality laboratories including in the network of GRIPAVI.

Mots-clés : influenzavirus aviaire; grippe aviaire; viet nam

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