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Effect of seed coat fragments on cotton yarn structure : impact of fragment size, attached fibres and position within yarn core

Krifa M., Gourlot J.P., Frydrych R., Dréan J.Y.. 2008. Journal of the Textile Institute, 99 (6) : p. 551-560.

DOI: 10.1080/00405000701692452

Seed coat fragments are a major source of cotton yarn imperfections. This article discusses the factors influencing the disruption caused by seed coat fragments in ring-spun yarn structure with a focus on three characteristics: the fragment's size, the amount of fibres attached to it and its position relative to the yarn core. The three characteristics were investigated through two experiments involving various types of yarn defects and a range of ring-spun yarn counts. Results presented in this article indicate that the three factors considered have a significant influence on the intensity of the disruption the seed coat fragment causes in the yarn structure, and are determinant of the type of defect that this disruption engenders (short/long defect) .

Mots-clés : fibre textile; coton; qualité; défaut; graine de coton; testa

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