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Trees, shrubs and climbers valued by rural communities in Western Uganda : utilisation and propagation potential

Meunier Q., Arbonnier M., Morin A., Bellefontaine R.. 2008. s.l. : s.n., 106 p..

The biodiversity of indigenous trees, shrubs and climbers is a cornerstone of the well-being and development of rural communities in Western Uganda. Used as firewood, charcoal, timber, medicine, food, fodder... or providing benefits for agriculture and the environment, their conservation is much needed in the region. This book highlights the multipurpose values of the 30 most-valued species in Western Uganda, presents a tutorial on tree propagation, and provides propagation solutions for each species. The easy, efficient and cheap propagation techniques put forward are adequate production tools accessible to any farmer or traditional healer, man or woman, to secure woody biodiversity conservation and ensure its implementation in rural areas. Individual and collective efforts to bring back valuable resources to inhabited regions will contribute to improving the economy, the health situation and the environment, toward the sustainable development of Ugandan communities. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : plante ligneuse; ouganda

Thématique : Production forestière; Taxonomie végétale et phytogéographie; Culture des plantes