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Multifunctional agriculture in perspective : Conceptualisations and debate in french policy and research

Aumand A., Barthélémy D., Caron P., Le Cotty T.. 2005. Roczniki Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu. Ekonomia, 367 (4) : p. 11-18.

The research work on multifunctionality in France is being carried on by a variety of epistemologic communities, with a wide range of research questions and methods. The purpose of this state of the art report is to identify these communities, their different uses of the concept of multifunctionality, and the types of agriculture it refers to. The functions to be promoted and the way to enhance them can be related to the theoretical framework used. Six main types of epistemic communities are identified in the French literature, which highlight a common view on the functions of agriculture, and the scientific approach. Some research gaps in the French literature are suggested. The way to convert the principles of multifunctionality or the principles of sustain-able development into farm policy principles in particular is a matter of interest. More empirical research is also needed to characterize multifunctionality, including divergent perceptions and valuations by different stakeholder groups.

Mots-clés : recherche; france; multifonctionnalité

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