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Genetic diversity of chicken population in Ha Giang based on microsatellite markers

Nguyen Trong Binh, Pham Doan Lan, Do Ngoc Duy, Nguyen Van Ba, Hoang Thanh H., Nhu Van Thu, Le Thi Thuy, Vu Chi Cuong, Maillard J.C.. 2008. Journal of Animal Science and Technology : p. 121-134. International Workshop on the Domesticated Animal Biodiversity of Vietnam in the Context of Globalization, 2007-12-13/2007-12-14, Hanoi (Viet Nam).

The current study aiming at accessing genetic diversity of 11 chicken populations (2305 samples in 11 districts) in Ha Giang province was undertaken. Twenty-two micro satellites were genotyped for chickens, which were randomly selected from 11 populations (11districts), including: Bac Me (284), Bac Quang (178), Dong Van (176), Hà Giang town (125), Hoang Su Phi (217), Meo Vac (237), Quan Ba (244), Quang Binh (171), Vi Xuyen (199), Xi Man (238), Yen Minh (236). A total of 190 alleles were observed in the 11 populations. The average number (±SD) of alleles/locus was 8.48 ± 4.71. Mean observed and expected heterozygote across all populations was 0.564 and 0.636. Overall average inbreeding coefficient (Fis) was 0.114. The overall genetic variation was low (0.01). Small Nei¿s (1972) standard genetic distances ranging from 0.007 to 0.044 were observed between 11 populations in Ha Giang. Genetic distance was small in phenotypic populations but large between phenotypic populations and Ho population. This study showed a low genetic variation and genetic distance but a high genetic diversity within the Ha Giang chicken population where scavenging method have been practicing. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : amélioration des animaux; microsatellite; phénotype; distance génétique; génétique des populations; variation génétique; poulet; viet nam

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des animaux; Méthodes de recherche

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