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Small scale production and storage quality of dry-milled degermed maize products for tropical countries

Mestres C., Davo A.K., Hounhouigan J.D.. 2009. African Journal of Biotechnology, 8 (2) : p. 294-302.

The present study aims to propose a comprehensive appropriate technological package for small-scale processing of maize flour, which meets consumer demand for quality and achieves extended shelf life. One traditional soft cultivar was processed by the conventional method (direct grinding with disc mill) and was compared with flours obtained under various degerming and grinding intensities; two types of grinder (disc mill and hammer mill, already present on the market) were tested in parallel. Consumer satisfaction scores were registered for the different products after increasing storage duration (0 to 6 months). It was shown that combining degerming and hammer milling produce high quality flour from hard grains, which can be stored up to 6 months without significant deterioration. In parallel, physicochemical and rheological characterizations showed that the main reaction occurring during storage is lipid degradation, which slightly increased fat acidity, hence decreasing taste and elasticity acceptability of the paste. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : farine de maïs; bénin

Thématique : Traitement et conservation des produits alimentaires; Composition des produits alimentaires

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