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Pineapple : close-up

Loeillet D., Paqui T.. 2009. Fruitrop (English ed.) (165) : p. 5-31.

A catastrophe has been forecast for so long and never happened on the pineapple market that it might be considered immunised against any change in trend. The 12% annual growth observed for more than a decade seems to have the nature of a constant in physics-unchanging and universal. So how should we understand the strong fall in import prices in Europe in 2008? Will the world economic downturn bring the pineapple market to its knees? In any case, new scope for growth must be found for today or tomorrow and, for the moment, there is nothing new in the east. Contents p. 7 : The fresh pineapple market: so far so good... or nearly, p. 13 : 2008 season report Pineapple shipped by sea: a terrible year for "Sweet" promising a gloomy future, p. 17 : 2008 season report Pineapple shipped by air: greater need for the professionalization of operators, p. 22 :Statistics panorama: world, EU, USA, Japan, p. 24 : Producer country sheet: "Victoria" pineapple in Réunion, p. 26 : Pineapple growing, p. 28 : Nutritional deficiency, p. 29 : The main pineapple varieties, p. 30 : Pineapple quality defect.

Mots-clés : ananas (fruits); pays de l'union européenne; réunion; japon; États-unis; costa rica; afrique; france

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