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Stability of sensorial and biochemical traits of different geographical origin ethiopian arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.) accessions under three contrasting environmental conditions

Getu B., Bayetta B., Habtamu Z., Labouisse J.P., Davrieux F., Bertrand B.. 2008. In : 22nd International Conference on Coffee Science. Montpellier : ASIC, p. 604-607. International Conference on Coffee Science. 22, 2008-09-14/2008-09-19, Campinas (Brésil).

Coffee quality is a complex trait that is influenced and determined by genetic, environment and genetic x environment interaction that finally defines both physical, organoleptic and bean biochemical composition quality profile of any ones coffee origin. Genotypic and environmental variations were the main factors that played a great role in the variation of bean biochemical composition quality profile. Organoleptic quality attributes variation was accounted for genetic, environment and genetic x environment interaction in this study. Therefore the presence of strong genotype x environment interaction for arabica coffee quality, limits development of wide adapting varieties, initiates coffee quality mapping, conservation of coffee genetic resources and establishment of core collections with respective origins.

Mots-clés : coffea arabica; fève de café; Éthiopie

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