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Callogenesis and rhizogenesis in date palm leaf segments: are there similarities between the two auxin-induced pathways?

Gueye B., Saïd-Ahmed H., Morcillo F., Borgel A., Sané D., Hilbert J.L., Verdeil J.L., Blervacq A.S.. 2009. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 98 (1) : p. 47-58.

In date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L. cv. Ahmar, Arecaceae), as for many monocotyledons, callogenesis is a prerequisite for the initiation of somatic embryogenesis, and requires the presence of auxin in the medium. Immature leaf explants were cultivated in medium supplemented with either 1 or 54 lM 1-naphtaleneacetic acid in order to induce either rhizogenesis or callogenesis. Histological studies performed throughout the culture period established that precocious cell reactivation is similar in both morphogenetic pathways. Early cytological modifications are associated with cell reactivation and are observed in the pluripotent cells of perivascular sheaths. Divergence between the callogenesis and rhizogenesis pathways is observed later, during the subsequent determination and morphological differentiation phases. We established that in date palm, the rhizogenesis and callogenesis pathways are initiated from the same cell type, the ultimate developmental fate depending upon auxin concentration. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : phoenix dactylifera; mauritanie; sénégal

Thématique : Multiplication végétative des plantes; Physiologie et biochimie végétales

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