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Survival kinetics of Ephestia kuehniella eggs during 46-75 °C heat treatment

Ben-Ialli A., Méot J.M., Bohuon P., Collignan A.. 2009. Journal of Stored Products Research, 45 (3) : p. 206-211.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jspr.2009.03.001

The effect of heat treatment on the survival of Ephestia kuehniella eggs was examined. Samples of 60 eggs were immersed in hot water at constant temperature in the 46-75 _C range for 5-1200 s. Following heat treatment and cooling, the eggs were stored at 24 _ 1 _C in a growth chamber for 7 days before survival evaluation. Statistical analysis of the data demonstrated that the thermal survival kinetics were best represented by a first-order reaction. The rate constant had an Arrhenius-type dependence over the 54- 75 _C temperature range. Kinetic parameters were estimated by non-linear regression. The activation energy (Ea) and rate constant (kref) at the reference temperature (Tref¼ 64.8 _C), were determined as 102.2_ 6.2 kJ mol_1 and 0.061 _ 0.003 s_1, respectively, over the 54-75 _C temperature range. A 0.01% survival rate was obtained after 50 s at 75 _C. The data at temperatures below 50 _C were not in accordance with those at higher temperatures. Above this temperature, mortality was likely due to physiological disorders, as noted on a DSC thermogram.

Mots-clés : ephestia kuehniella; produit alimentaire; france

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