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Diversity and efficiency : The elements of ecologically intensive agriculture

Funes-Monzote F.R., Lopez-Ridaura S., Tittonell P.. 2009. LEISA Magazine, 25 (1) : p. 9-10.

A six-year study in Cuba has shown that increasing a farm's diversity, for example with a mixed crop-livestock system, increases its overall productivity, energy efficiency and nutrient management. Equally important, it reduces risks, in particular when compared to simplified and homogeneous systems. Mixed systems draw various ideas and lessons from traditional farming systems found in many parts of the world. The Cuban case, at the same time, provides many lessons, especially when regarding the design and management of diverse systems.

Mots-clés : agriculture intensive; intensification; agroécologie; système de production; Élevage; efficacité; Évaluation de l'impact; diversification; cuba

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