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Mission to Bakrie oil palm plantations in Sumatra - Indonesia - February 2009

Bonneau X.. 2009. Montpellier : CIRAD-PERSYST, 130 p.. numero_rapport: CIRAD-PERSYST N°2248.

At Agrowiyana the first yield recording campaign has been completed in reference experiment AW CP 01. The average yield, 21 tonnes FFB equivalent per hectare in the fourth year, is excellent. There is no significant treatment effect yet, but there is already a tendency towards a future positive KCI effect. In back-up trial AW ES 01, harvest recording began in January 2009, as expected. The fertilizer schedules for 2009 for both experiments have been supplied. At Kisaran, yield recording has been proceeding as planned since October 2008 in reference experiment KP CP 01. Likewise, yield recording has been under way since January 2009 in back-up trial TR ES 01, as planned. At the Sei Baleh nursery, seedlings for the preliminary trial to SU ES 01 are in polybags and protocol fertilizer applications have been under way since January 2009. At Pasaman, training in the harvest recording procedure began in January 2009 in reference experiment AB CP 01, harvest recording will begin in May 2009. The site for future trial SU ES 01 has been fixed and the trial can be planted at the end of 2009. At the three sites visited, SNP, EMAL-JAW and GDLP, instructions were given for setting up an LSU structure to be validated before August 2009, when the first leaf samples will be taken. The LSU structuring criteria are different for each site, taking into account particular local conditions and constraints, whilst the principles and rules of structuring remain the same. As regards mineral fertilization in this period of budgetary restriction, it should be remembered that although it is possible to reduce or even temporarily halt fertilization for a limited time on mature oil palms on mineral soil (especially if the palms have previously been over-fertilized), no such compromise should be made in the nutrition of immature palms. And what is true for mineral soil is even more so for peat, a purely organic medium where palm susceptibility to mineral deficiencies is even greater, especially for trace elements, mainly copper, which are essential for young oil palms. In general, given the substantial recent increase in the areas planted to oil palm, PT BSP needs to recruit a person without delay who will be responsible for setting in place a crop protection service, for whose training CIRAD can provide assistance; along with assistants for the head of the R&D division, beginning with one right from this year, to be assigned to Jambi. And also consider setting up an environment division.

Mots-clés : elaeis guineensis; sumatra

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