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Effectiveness of the brocap trap in controlling the coffee berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei Ferr.) in Indonesia : [PA589]

Wiryadiputra S., Cilas C., Morin J.P.. 2008. In : 22nd International Conference on Coffee Science. Montpellier : ASIC, p. 1405-1408. International Conference on Coffee Science. 22, 2008-09-14/2008-09-19, Campinas (Brésil).

A trial on coffee berry borer (CBB, Hypothenemus hampei) control with the Brocap trap was conducted in a robusta coffee plantation in Lampung Province, Indonesia, from 2005 to 2007. The aim of the trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Brocap trap in controlling CBB in robusta coffee smallholdings. Brocap traps effectively captured CBB adults and the number of CBB caught depended on the degree of infestation in the field. In one plot, the largest number of CBB captured four months after the initial installation reached, on average, up to 1064 CBB/week/trap. After four months, the number of CBB trapped decreased drastically to fewer than 20 insects per trap per week. The effect of Brocap traps on CBB infestation was shown after 4 months, with a 22.10% to 72.62% reduction in infestation. While the Brocap traps were in place, infestation and the CBB population were significantly lower in the treatment plots compared to the control plots, even for parchment and green coffee. Green coffee production increased by 19.06% in a plot containing Brocap traps. This trial also showed that the attractant substance diffused for 137 to 156 days, hence longer than in trials conducted in El Salvador (Latin America).

Mots-clés : coffea; hypothenemus hampei; indonésie

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