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Revised international notation for latex harvest technology

Vijayakumar K.R., Gohet E., Thomas K.U., Wei Xiaodi, Sumarmadji, Lakshman R., Do Kim Thanh, Pichit Sopchoke, Karunaichamy K.S.T.K., Mohd Akbar S.. 2009. Kuala Lumpur : IRRDB, 20 p..

Tapping notation that was revised by Lukman in 1983 is revised again. Raingruarding and gaseous stimulation have been incorporated as new items. For tapping period of less than a year, it is shonrn exactly from starting month to ending month. Number of tappings realized against the possible maximum number of tapping days is shornm as a fraction. Similarly actual number of stimulations given against the scheduled number is also shoum as a fraction. Changes have been brought about in the expressions for cut lengrth and frequency of tapping. Use of arrows for expressing directions of tapping cuts and for change of tapping have been changed to more convenient ones. The terminologry, 'exploitation technology' is changed to 'latex harvest technologry'. (Résumé d'auteur)

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