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Tsetse distribution in the Mouhoun river basin (Burkina Faso) : the role of global and local geospatial datasets

Guerrini L., Sidibé I., Bouyer J.. 2009. In : Eds. Giuliano Cecchi, Raffaele C. Mattioli. Geospatial datasets and analyses for an environmental approach to African trypanosomiasis. Rome : FAO, p. 41-52. (PAAT Technical and scientific series, 9).

In this study, we explore the potential of using select global geographic information system (GIS) datasets to map the distribution and densities of riverine tsetse fly at a local scale in the Mouhoun river basin (Burkina Faso). In particular, we analyse the correlation between low-resolution datasets that predict global and regional tsetse distribution and more than 800 trapping scores for Glossina palpalis gambiensis Vanderplank and G. tachinoides Westwood. The results show that these datasets with global or regional scope, including the Global Land Cover database for the year 2000 (GLC2000), are not suitable for use at a local scale (e.g. in designing baseline data collection protocols for vector control campaigns). On the other hand, higher resolution global datasets available in the public domain, namely the NASA Landsat Orthorectified Image Library (LOIL) and the HydroSHEDS drainage network, have great potential for mapping tsetse habitat when used in process-based models.

Mots-clés : glossina palpalis; système d'information géographique; landsat; burkina faso

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