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Identification of potential insect vectors of the Cape Saint Paul Wilt Disease of coconut in Ghana by PCR

Pilet F., Philippe R., Reignard S., Descamps S., Quaicoe R.N., Nkansah Poku J., Fabre S., Dollet M.. 2009. OCL. Oléagineux Corps gras Lipides, 16 (2) : p. 107-110.

DOI: 10.1684/ocl.2009.0253

The vector of the phytoplasma responsible for the coconut lethal yellowing disease in West Africa is unknown to date. However, it is known that phytoplasmas are transmitted by leafhoppers and planthoppers, which are supposed to be the only ones able to inject the phytoplasma in the phloem. Whereas the presence of phytoplasma in the insect does not prove its capacity to transmit the disease. We have tested a large number of insects for the presence of phytoplamas by PCR (direct PCR and Nested PCR) using both primer pairs specific for all phytoplasmas and those specific for the coconut lethal yellowing disease phytoplasma. In effect the evidence of one or several species carrying the phytoplasma would direct us on the insects to focus on in our transmission cages trials. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : maladie bactérienne; phytoplasme; insecta; vecteur de maladie; cocos nucifera; pcr; ghana; cape saint paul wilt disease; jaunissement mortel

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