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Epidemiological surveillance in animal health

Dufour B., Hendrikx P., Thonnat J., Chillaud T., Roger F., Calavas D., Moutou F., Lazard C., Squarzoni C., Chazel M., Ouagal M., Moussu C., Thebault A., Arzul I., Bendali F., Chardonnet B.. 2009. Paris : OIE; FAO, 409 p..

This book is the result of collaboration among epidemiological surveillance specialists at all the operational echelons of an epidemiological surveillance network: organisation, training, data management and evaluation. The coordinators of various networks contributed their valuable experience to this practical guide. Part one provides readers with all the methodological elements they need to help create, operate and evaluate an epidemiological surveillance networks in operation. It shows that all networks use the same methodological procedure even though their surveillance subjects and methods vary so widely. This practical guide is aimed at all those responsible for epidemiological surveillance network design, organisation and operation in both the northern and southern hemispheres. It will also be of interest to students and teachers of animal epidemiology.

Mots-clés : surveillance épidémiologique; technique de prévision; formation; méthodologie; maladie des animaux; maladie infectieuse; Évaluation; danger pour la santé; système d'information

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