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Aquaculture microbiology and biotechnology. Volume 1

Montet D. (ed.), Ray R.C. (ed.). 2009. Enfield : Science Publishers, 286 p..

Aquaculture is currently one of the fastest growing production sectors in the world. Microbiologyy, genetic engineering and biotechnology have contributed vastly to this field. This book addresses the scope of microbiologv and biotechnology in aquaculture, application of PCR-DGGE method in tracing the geographical origin of fish using native bacterial flora as a biological marker, application of molecular diagnostic methods in identifying bacterial and viral diseases of fish and shrimps, antibiotic resistance in aquaculture and its detrimental impact on fish genetics, DNA vaccination in aquaculture and associated concern on immunological reactions, probiotics and their beneficial uses in aquaculture, bioconversion of lignocellulosic wastes in aquaculture, transgenic fish: issues and application, and ethics, legislation, risk assessment concerning genetic engineering in aquaculture, particularly to the release of transgenic fish into the environment. Emerging biotechnological approaches presented in this book provide in-depth accounts of approaches to improving aquaculture production and productivity white also addressing natural resource conservation and environmental protection issues. Contents: Transgenic fish: issues and applications (Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis, Persephoni Tserkezou). Application of PCR-DGGE method in determining origin of fish: case studies of Pangasius fish from Vietnam, tilapia from Thailand and sea bass from France (Didier Montet, Le Nguyen Doan Duy, Ratanaporn Leesing, Thierry Goli, Gérard Loiseau). Bacterial fish diseases and molecular tools for bacterial fish pathogens detection (Ana Roque, Sonia A. Soto-Rodríguez, Bruno Gomez-Gil). Shrimp diseases and molecular diagnostic methods (Sonia A. Soto Rodriguez, Bruno Gomez-Gil, Ana Roque). Bacterial antibiotic resistance in aquaculture (Sarter Samira, Benjamin Guichard). DNA vaccines application in aquaculture: prospects and constraints (Frøydis Gillund, Tom Christian Tonheim, Anne Ingeborg Myhr, Roy Dalmo). The use of probiotics in aquaculture (B. Austin, J.W. Brunt). Lignocellulose biotechnology: issues of bioconversion and utilization in freshwater aquaculture (S.K. Barik, S. Ayyappan). Genetic engineering in aquaculture: ecological and ethical implications (Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis, Aikaterini Kassaveti)

Mots-clés : poisson (aliment); biotechnologie; pcr; provenance; microbiologie; produit de la pêche

Thématique : Pêche et aquaculture : considérations générales; Maladies des animaux; Traitement et conservation des produits alimentaires; Contamination et toxicologie des aliments pour animaux


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