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Training and documentation on camel sciences : international consultation FAO, Al-Jouf (Saudi Arabia) 4th to 17th May 2009

Faye B.. 2009. Montpellier : CIRAD, 20 p..

The Camel Center at Al-Jouf, based in the North of Saudi Arabia is focused on pastoralism, camel farming and breeding, and olive oil culture. The current mission was achieved in the frame of the project "Camel breeding, protection and improvement Centre in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" (UTFN/SAU/021/SAU). This ambitious project (4.6 millions USD), strongly supported by the national FAO office is focused in a first step on the capacity building of the researchers and technicians of Al-Jouf center in different fields: setting-up questionnaires for farming system analysis, achievement of experimental design and observational protocols in camel farms, documentation and scientific reports writing, data management and data treatment. During this first session, different aspects were approached: (i) methodology for observational procedure, (ii) participative building of a questionnaire for typological survey, (iii) critical analysis for the writing of a scientific paper, (iv) initiation to typological analysis, (v) initiation to multivariate analysis. Further training sessions would be necessary as well as a support for research activities by a powerful monitoring of the research protocols.

Mots-clés : chameau; arabie saoudite

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