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Trade competitiveness of Malaysian wooden furniture in the global market

Noor Aini Z., Roda J.M.. 2009. In : Seminar on Wooden Furniture Industry 2009 : Competitiveness and sustainability. Kuala Lumpur : FRIM, 1 Cd-Rom. Seminar on Wooden Furniture Industry, 2009-08-04/2009-08-06, Kepong (Indonésie).

The Malaysian furniture industry, which registered a significant growth in trade in 2008, remains a major contributor to the country's export earnings. The industry grew about three percent in 2008 to reach RM1 0.17 billion. Being a strongly established reputable furniture exporter in the world, Malaysia should assess the opportunities and challenges facing the industry to increase the competitiveness of the export in the global market. Historically, it has been proven that the US, Japan, Australia and Europe are the main markets for wooden furniture exports from Malaysia. It is important to access the current situation of the Malaysian wooden furniture exports among the major markets. This paper uses the revealed comparative advantage (RCA) approach in analysing the trade competitiveness of Malaysian wooden furniture in the US, Japan and Australia as well as the European market. Data from the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics are employed to analyse the results. To conclude, some policy and strategies in expanding the exports and increasing the comparative advantage of Malaysian wooden furniture are drawn (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : industrie du bois; meuble; malaisie; europe; États-unis; japon

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