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Energy use efficiency and greenhouse gases emissions of dairy farmes of an isolated territory : Reunion Island from 2000 to 2007

Vigne M., Vayssières J., Bochu J.L., Lecomte P.. 2009. In : by Van Ittersum, M.K. ; Wolf, J. and Van Laar H.. Proceedings of the Conference on Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development: Setting the Agenda for Science and Policy (AgSAP 2009), 10-12 March 2009, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands. Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research Centre, p. 430-431. Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development Conference, 2009-03-10/2009-03-12, Egmond aan Zee (Pays-Bas).

Mots-clés : gaz à effet de serre; Élevage; vache laitière; réunion; france

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