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FORESEEN : a forest and remote sensing exchanges network

Gond V., Wiles J., Souza C., et al.. 2005. In : Ed. by F. Veroustraete, E. Bartholome, W.W. Verstraeten. Proceedings of the 2nd International VEGETATION User Conference, March 24th - 26th, 2004, Antwerp, Belgium. s.l. : s.n., p. 433-437. International VEGETATION User Conference. 2, 2004-03-24/2004-03-26, Anvers (Belgique).

The Guiana Shield in South America is one of the largest wild areas in the world. However, this area is currently facing unsustainable logging, poor and often illegal mining practices and agricultural activities. This paper presents a project aiming at: promoting capacity building and training of people from this area in remote sensing; preparing a vegetation map using low resolution data; and develop tools to estimate the impact of human activities on the forest using high resolution satellite imagery. The building of a network of trained experts in remote sensing is devoted to complete these objectives.

Mots-clés : télédétection; forêt; amérique du sud

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