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Assessing agricultural trade policies options with the European Union : A Brazilian perspective

Piketty M.G., Weissleder L., De Souza Filho H.M., Batalha M.O., Adenäuer M., Becker A.. 2009. Agricultural Economics, 40 (4) : p. 447-457.

Brazil has shown interest in agricultural trade negotiations at bilateral, regional, and multilateral levels. This study addresses several important negotiations, using the agricultural sector model CAPRI (Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact Analysis), to analyze liberalization scenarios between the European Union and the Mercosur countries focusing particularly on their impacts in Brazil. Four possible agreements between Europe and Mercosur are simulated, including a broader multilateral agreement proposed in the G20. The results suggest that a bilateral scenario involving larger tariff rate quota increase, as called for by Mercosur, generates larger gains than accepting the European Union proposal of 2004 or further multilateral trade liberalization based on the G20 proposal. However, much larger increases in tariff rate quotas for all products are not necessarily justified in all cases. Moreover, Brazil's production and export potential is limited by factors other than trade restrictions. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : libéralisation des échanges; politique agricole; union européenne; politique de marché; brésil; amérique du sud; pays de l'union européenne

Thématique : Commerce international; Economie et politique agricoles

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