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Is fresh milk powdered milk? : The controversy over packaged milk in Vietnam

Diaz Pedregal V., Nguyen Ngoc Luan. 2009. In : Lindgreen Adam (ed.), Hingley Martin K. (ed.), Vanhamme Joëlle (ed.). The crisis of food brands : sustaining safe, innovative and competitive food supply. Farnham : Gower Publishing, p. 65-85. (Food and agricultural marketing series).

This chapter deals with a controversy that flared up in the milk marketing sector in Vietnam. In late 2006, leading Vietnamese dairy companies were accused of providing incorrect content information: Bottles of 'pure fresh milk' actually contained 40-100 per cent powdered milk. This chapter considers how the crisis was managed by different stakeholders. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : lait; viet nam

Thématique : Commerce, commercialisation et distribution; Economie de la consommation; Manutention transport stockage et conservation des produits d'origine animale

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