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Avocado : close-up

Imbert E.. 2009. Fruitrop (English ed.) (170) : p. 13-52.

After another year of strong production deficit during the winter season, the world market is readying itself for substantial supply in 2009-10 and probably for a long period, given the production dynamics in Chile, Mexico and Israel. In contrast, might we be moving towards smaller summer seasons on the EU market? The possible opening of the US market to Peruvian 'Hass' might change world trade flows considerably at the expense of Europe. But beyond the question of the commercial difficulties inherent in penetrating a new market, important technical problems remain to be solved before this actually happens, while production is not in stand-by mode. In this context, might it be high time for all production sources to make investments downstream in the chain to promote the consumption of avocado in proportion to the investments made upstream in new production structures, as is being done in certain South American producer countries? Contents p. 15 Review of the 2008-09 avocado winter season in the EU: same pattern as before p. 27 2009-10 winter avocado season forecast for the EU: Change of scenery! p. 34 Statistic panorama: world, USA, EU, Japan p. 37 The European summer avocado market: Peruvian avocados soon to reach US Eldorado? p. 48 The main varieties p. 50 Post-harves.

Mots-clés : avocat; chili; mexique; israël; pérou; pays de l'union européenne; États-unis; japon

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