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Report on camel breeding, protection and environment centre research activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabie

Faye B.. 2009. Montpellier : CIRAD, 38 p..

The research centre of EI-Jouf in the north of Saudi Arabia is primarily turned on the pastoralism, the breeding cameline and the culture of olive. My intervention was within the framework of the project entitled "Camel breeding, protection and improvement Centre in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" (UTFN/SAU/021/SAU), supported by the national office of FAO (A. Ohaidi). Following the preceding mission, it was decided that I will ensure the follow-up of the research activities of the center at a rate of a mission every two months. It was about in the mission in process: (I) to establish the assessment of the work progress since my coming in May, (II) to program the activities for 2010 (formation, experiments, investigations in breeding, human resources, equipment, training courses), (III) to provide a program for the organization of an International Conference on the breeding cameline about the climate changes. In 2010, four months of mission (in six times) are programmed.

Mots-clés : chameau; arabie saoudite

Rapport de mission