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Cryopreservation of French plant genetic resource collections (CRYOVEG)

Engelmann F., Balsemin E., Barreneche T., Chatelet P., Chauvin J.E., Couturon E., Curk F., Dantec M.A., Dantec J.P., Dussert S., Feugey L., Froelicher Y., Fouilhaux L., Gamiette F., Grapin A., Grisoni M., Guérif P., Guyarder A., Label A., Luro F., Moulin B., Muller M., Peyrière A., Prigent Y., Renard M., Roux-Cuvelier M., Roques D., Rubens S., Sapotille J., Souchet C., Teyssedre D.. 2009. Cryobiology, 59 (3) : p. 411-411.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cryobiol.2009.10.160

In France, cryopreservation is currently used for a limited number of forest tree species, but has been applied yet very little to horticultural or other agricultural species. The CRYOVEG project aims at (1) developing or optimizing cryopreservation techniques in a range of selected species; and (2) establishing a national scientific and technical network of plant biological resource centers (CRBs) using cryopreservation. The project has a network organization, with IRD/INRA Montpellier as the cryopreservation expertise centre and partners in continental France and in overseas departments in charge of genetic resource conservation for various species: INRA Petit Bourg, Guadeloupe (yam); INRA San Giuliano, Corsica (Citrus); INRA Bordeaux (Prunus); INRA Angers (apple and pear); INRA Montpellier (grapevine); INRA Ploudaniel (potato, Brassica); IRD La Réunion (coffee); CIRAD Roujol, Guadeloupe (sugarcane); and CIRAD La Réunion (vanilla, garlic). Deliverables will vary depending on the state-of-the-art of cryopreservation for each species: for potato, yam, sugarcane, garlic, Citrus, Brassica and coffee, optimized protocols will be tested on a range of representative accessions. For grapevine, Prunus, apple, pear and vanilla, operational protocols will be developed. The group will work as a think-tank on the integration of cryopreservation in the national plant genetic resource conservation strategy and an action plan for its implementation will be collectively designed. The project will work towards establishing a French research network on plant genetic resource cryopreservation, open to all partners interested in cryopreservation. The group will prepare research and development projects whose results will be disseminated through European plant genetic resource conservation networks e.g. ECP/ GR). Finally, network members will train French and foreign (from North and South countries) researchers and technicians in cryopreservation techniques. (Conflicts of interest: None declared. Source of funding: This project is supported by a French competitive grant (Call for Projects 2008 ''Biological Resource Centers") of the Consultative Committee for Biological Resources/Infrastructures in the Biology, Health and Agronomy sectors (CCRB/IBiSA).). (Texte intégral)

Mots-clés : plante de culture; conservation du matériel génétique; congélation; conservation biologique; dioscorea; coffea; vitis vinifera; citrus; allium sativum; pyrus; malus; vanilla planifolia; brassica; saccharum officinarum; prunus; cryoconservation; guadeloupe; réunion; france

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