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Evaluation of beverage quality and green bean physical characteristics of selected Arabica coffee genotypes in Kenya

Kathurima C.W., Gichimu B.M., Kenji G.M., Muhoho S.M., Boulanger R.. 2009. African Journal of Food Science, 3 (11) : p. 365-371.

Physical characteristics of green coffee bean have been reported to affect beverage quality to some extent. The objective of this study was to assess the beverage quality and green bean physical characteristics of forty two arabica coffee genotypes and to determine the relationship between the two attributes. Green bean physical characteristics were assesed through actual measurements, grading and weighing while beverage quality was determined by a panel of seven judges using the prescribed sensory evaluation procedures. Sensory data was used to calculate diversity in beverage quality among genotypes and to construct a dendrogram using the unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic average. Data were also subjected to analysis of variance and differences declared significant at 5% level based on Duncan's Multiple Range Test. Linear correlation was done to compare the relationship between variables. Cluster analysis results demonstrated 0 - 47% diversity in beverage quality among genotypes. There was close similarity among coffee tasters in ranking various beverage quality characteristics of the cultivars indicating that the panel was reliable in assessment of beverage quality. All sensory variables evaluated were positively and significantly correlated. However, correlations between the sensory variables and green bean physical characteristics were non-significant.

Mots-clés : café; coffea arabica; kenya

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