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Spatialization and modelling of water balance components from plots to watersheds in Costa Rica and effects of agricultural land use and management practices on hydrological environmental services, with a focus on the coffee sector and its alternatives

Gomez Delgado F., Roupsard O., Moussa R., Rapidel B.. 2009. In : Rapidel Bruno (ed.), Roupsard Olivier (ed.), Navarro Muriel (ed.). Modelling agroforestry systems : Workshop Proceedings,Turrialba, Costa Rica, 25-29 February 2008. Turrialba : CATIE, p. 281-288. (Technical Meetings, 14). Workshop on Modelling Agroforestry Systems, 2008-02-25/2008-02-29, Turrialba (Costa Rica).

This is a proposal for the design and implementation of a coupled model that joins together agronomical and hydrological knowledge as a tool for the proposal of hydrological environmental services (HES). The main objective is the assessment of different productive practices and contrasts such as full-sun agriculture against agroforestry, in terms of their yield, but also of its effects on water quantity and quality for downstream users, from plot to watershed scale. The validation of this model would be based on data sets obtained from the observation of physical processes under an interdisciplinary perspective, in four different case analyses. This forces the modelling exercise to accomplish the demanded precision for the explanation of small-scale time-space phenomena (like energy and mass balances in an agroforestry stand) but also of bigger-scaled analysis (such as watershed water balance).

Mots-clés : utilisation des terres; agroforesterie; gestion des eaux; costa rica; service environnemental

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