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The rainforests of Cameroon : Experience and evidence from a decade of reform

Topa G., Karsenty A., Mégevand C., Debroux L.. 2009. Washington : World Bank, 212 p.. (Environment and sustainable development).

Starting in 1994, Cameroon introduced legislative and market-based reforms to regulate the rights to use and benefit from the country's rich rainforests. These reforms sought to balance public and private interests and integrate wider economic, cultural, and environmental perspectives. Today, more than 60 percent of Cameroon's rainforests are under management systems that emphasize sustainability. Biodiversity is better protected, illlegal logging in managed areas has declined sharply, and the forest industry has restructured and adopted internationally recognized forest management practices. Based on historical data, original research, and counterfactual analyses, The Rainforests of Cameroon: Experience and Evidence from a Decade of Reform describes how these reforms played out. The book identifies which policies worked, which did not, and what can be improved. Although the reforms originated and evolved in a country-specific context, lessons from Cameroon may prove useful to other countries facing similar circumstances. This book should be of great interest to policy experts and development practitioners as well as to the governments, people, and development partners of forest-rich tropical countries in Africa and other regions of the world.

Mots-clés : forêt tropicale humide; cameroun


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