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Characterisation of natural rubber cup coagula maturation conditions and consequences on dry rubber properties

Intapun J., Sainte-Beuve J., Bonfils F., Tanrattanakul V., Dubreucq E., Vaysse L.. 2009. Journal of Rubber Research, 12 (4) : p. 171-184.

The maturation conditions ofcup nlbber coagula stacked in the form ofa stocking pile in an industrial plant have been characterised. It was found that temperature and relative humidity ofthe air increased with depth within the pile. In contrast, oxygen content ofthe air within the pile decreased as depth increased. The effects of these parameters on the properties of processed cup coagula maturation were studied. Effects of 24-day maturation on rubber properties were found ta vary with the position of cup coagula within the pile. The pH of maturated cup coagula decreased significantly with depth in the pile. An inverse pattern was observedfor Wallace initial plasticity (P,), Plasticity retention index (pRf), gel content and weight average molar mass (M,J. Moreover, the maturation period, especially at the deepest layers, wasfound ta have a positive effect on the standardised properties ofntbber such as Po andPRI.

Mots-clés : caoutchouc; thaïlande

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