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Conflict of use for multi-purpose tree species in the state of Para eastern Amazonia, Brazil

Herrero-Jauregui C., Garcia-Fernandez C., Sist P., Casado M.A.. 2009. Biodiversity and Conservation, 18 (4) : p. 1019-1044.

DOI: 10.1007/s10531-008-9456-7

Although diversified forest management is promoted as a strategy aimed at slowing tropical deforestation, little is known about the viability of integrating timber and non-timber forest products in the same forest management plans. In this study we offer an initial characterization of multi-purpose tree species in the State of Para´, the principal Amazonian logging region. We identify the species used for both timber and non-timber extraction, and classify these according to their commercial value. We relate multi-purpose species to their ecological traits, the type of non-timber forest use and the fraction of the tree harvested. Although a high number of species present a potential conflict of use, this conflict is only relevant in four of them: D. odorata, T. serratifolia, T. impetiginosa and H. courbaril. Nevertheless, the nature and relevance of this conflict will ultimately depend on the importance that the non-timber use has for the livelihoods of forest-dependant people, the commercial value and the ecological resilience of these species.

Mots-clés : arbre à buts multiples; plante ligneuse; arbre forestier; gestion des ressources; produit forestier non ligneux; bois; forêt tropicale; inventaire forestier; utilisation; valeur économique; biodiversité; classification; bois tropical; amazonie; para

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