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Sistemas de plantio direto e pacotes tecnologicos para as cultivares de algodao da COODETEC e demais no Mato Grosso : aditivo 2 : efeitos das coberturas dos sistemas de cultivo sobre Spodoptera spp. Safra 2005-2006

Silvie P.. 2005. s.l. : s.n., 16 p..

After the first three cycles (2003-2004-2005) of results in the experimental design observed in the fazenda Mourão, located at 30 kms from Campo Verde (Mato Grosso), the main objective of this project- part of the project submitted to FACUAL ("No-tillage systems and technological packages for cotton cultivars grown by Coodetec and others in the Mato Grosso")- is to reinforce the qualitative and quantitative observations on the Spodoptera pest complex, particularly on the different cover crops used with Poacae which were considered as the most adequate plants for the pest management in direct sowing cotton system. Studies on the effect of Poacae cover plants on Spodoptera frugiperda larvae dynamics will be the first research activity in the 2005-2006 campaign, orientated to answer to the following questions: - What are the cover crops and growing conditions of these plants which could facilitate the larval development ? - What would be the best (alternative) control of this pest in cover crops ? Quantitative observations on the Spodoptera complex of species will be done on the cover crops still alive, used before the cotton direct sowing, as Eleusine coracana, Brachiaria associated with Sorghum and Pennisetum("milheto"), identified as interesting plants for the direct cotton sowing systems. The effect on the following cotton will be observed. The influence of the neighboring maize will be considered, as well as others Poacae present next to the experimentation. The research will be carried out on a new design implemented on the Coodetec experimental station in Primavera do Leste (Mato-Grosso), with three replications for each one of the three cover crops mentioned. If possible, an alternative method of larvae control (a Bt formulation) will be experimented on half of each plot. The other activities will be the alternative control (with available formulations on the market). Identification and molecular characterization of the Spodoptera pest complex with our French (J.F.-Silvain) and North Americans partners (R. Nagoshi) will be done beside the project (but with others founds).

Mots-clés : gossypium; spodoptera frugiperda; eleusine coracana; brachiaria; pennisetum; sorghum; mato grosso

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