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Study and training on the Ghanaian rice commodity chain : Final report

Coronel C., Lançon F.. 2008. Accra : Ministry of agriculture [Ghana], 122 p..

The study and training on rice commodity chain has three main objectives: - To increase the capacities of GRIB executives in assessing rice sector issues and to formulate their own strategy for action. - To train Ghanaian experts and research officers in commodity chain analysis, through direct participation in the study. - To update and complete a study on the rice commodity chain in Ghana, with a focus on the economic performances of the chain. As part of a strategy to increase value of Ghanaian rice one specific task was to investigate the opportunities and constraints to promote quality improvement. The whole study and training process is based on a participatory methodology designed to provide a background on commodity chain analysis, the formulation of strategic guidelines and planning, monitoring and evaluation of actions.

Mots-clés : riz; ghana

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