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Linking farmers to markets through valorisation of local resources : the case for intellectual property rights of indigenous resources : Scientific report. IPR DURAS

Motte E., Biénabe E., Motte Biénabe E., Bramley C., Kirsten J.F., Troskie D., Carr S., Jordaan D., Maggs-Kohlin G., Mallet M., Mentani P., Roets M., Rothkegel B., Vermeulen H., Schönfeld H.. 2008. Pretoria : University of Pretoria, 127 p..

Two central questions were therefore addressed by the project: "How can local communities efficiently protect their resources and differentiate their production through GIs?" and "What is the nature and extent of the required institutional and legal framework to achieve this objective? This project aimed to provide conceptual and procedural answers on the potential use of GIs in order to protect and utilize indigenous knowledge artefacts to the benefit of local communities. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : droit de propriété intellectuelle; ressource alimentaire; namibie; afrique du sud

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