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Mangroves v1.0: a new taxonomic tool to characterize mangroves. The case of South east Indian and Sri Lankan mangroves and potential application to African mangroves

Prospéri M.J., Grard P., Depommier D.. 2009. Nature and Faune, 24 (1) : p. 116-122.

In this paper we present an innovative tool for plant identification conceived to reinforce the national capacity building in taxonomy. We introduce Mangroves v1.0, built up on a species identification system called IDAO (Identification Assistée par Ordinateur). This software allows the identification of 50 mangroves species of South East India and Sri Lanka, with the perspective to adjust and extend to other of the world. This software provides and facilitates dissemination of scientific and traditional knowledge. Corollary, it appears as a good support to training, research and development actions and its applications, from awareness to practical management of trees and the ecosystem, could benefit African mangroves and contribute to their renewed interest.

Mots-clés : taxonomie; sri lanka; inde

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