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Modification de la textura y del almidon en frutos verdes de musaceas por procesamiento termico

Alvarez C., Fernandez A., Dufour D., Gibert O., Giraldo A., Diaz A., Ucles Santos R.. 2009. Alimentos Hoy (18) : 4 p.. Congreso Iberoamericano de Ingenieria en Alimentos. 6, 2007-11-05/2007-11-08, Ambato (Equateur).

Samples of fruits from two cultivars of musaceas (Dominico Hartón and Rollizo) were heat treated by cooking them in boiling water. The texture change was followed during the time of cooking. The firmness decreased rapidly in the first 30 minutes of cooking and it was not observed any substantial change after 50 minutes of cooking. There is a possible relationship of the change in texture and the modification of the starch in the samples as observed by the analysis of cooked flours in the RVA and by DSC. The method of texture analysis resulted appropriated to follow the change in firmness during cooking and to establish differences in the cooking behavior between cultivars of musaceas.

Mots-clés : musaceae; musa; colombie

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