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Kinetics of anthocyanin degradation and browning in reconstituted blackberry juice treated at high temperatures (100-180 °C)

Jimenez N., Bohuon P., Lima J., Dornier M., Vaillant F., Pérez A.M.. 2010. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58 (4) : p. 2314-2322.

DOI: 10.1021/jf902381e

Monomeric anthocyanin degradation and nonenzymatic browning (NEB) index have been determined in reconstituted blackberry juice heated at high temperature in a hermetically sealed cell. Statistical analysis demonstrated that, when the temperature range (100-180 _C) was divided into two subranges (100-140 and 140-180 _C) for anthocyanin degradation, reaction kinetics were well represented by two sequential first-order reactions. The activation energy for NEB from 100 to 180 _C (106 kJ 3 mol-1) was slightly higher than the anthocyanin value at the lower temperature range (92 kJ 3 mol-1), but was more than twice the value for the higher range (44 kJ 3 mol-1). The reaction rate constant at 140 _C for anthocyanin degradation (3.5 _ 10-3 s-1) was two times that for the NEB index (1.6 _ 10-3 s-1). Hence, anthocyanin degradation was faster than the appearance of NEB products. The non-isothermal method developed allows estimating kinetic parameters and thereby generating temperature profiles of heat processes that would help preserve the nutritional properties of foods during high-temperature processes.

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